Come and hear me speak at UKOUG Tech16: Monday 5th December


If you are planning on attending the UKOUG Tech16 event at the Birmingham ICC next week, I am presenting on the subject of flash storage at the following time:

Date: Monday 5th December
Time: 13:10 - 14:00
Title: Flash Storage for DBAs: You can't avoid it anymore
Track: Systems 1
Location: Hall6B

In this session I’ll be discussing why flash storage is something that DBAs need to understand. I will then bestow upon the audience key pieces of information which they will be able to use to talk to their storage colleagues from a position of superiority (the favoured stance of the DBA when talking to the storage admin). After a practical demonstration involving buckets of electrons and a butterfly garden, I will provide the audience with the beginnings of my Flash Survival Guide. *I will then conclude by offering the audience the opportunity to invest in a pyramid / Ponzi scheme whereby every additional fact passed on results in my net worth increasing by a power of three. At the end of the session I will leave the auditorium carried aloft by a sea of newly-converted flash fanatics and together we will march upon the Oracle HQ at Thames Valley Park and demand that 12c be renamed to 12f.

I’m also delighted to announce that Kaminario is a sponsor of Tech16, so should you be too overwhelmed to attend my session, please feel free to stop by the Kaminario stand and say hello.

I look forward to seeing you all next week.

* Note that since the session is only 50 minutes long, I may have to stop after the Flash Survival Guide.

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