My primary objective in writing this blog is to educate. The way I see it there are three types of blog that cover technical subjects:

  • First there is the personal blog written by someone attempting to share knowledge and express opinions – I admire these hugely and I have added links to some of my favourites on the right hand side here.
  • Second we have the supposedly-personal blog which is really just a mouthpiece for corporate marketing, shouting about how great the product is and bad-mouthing competitors. I hate these – and unfortunately there are a lot of them in the world of storage. A good litmus test is to count the number of times the company name or product is mentioned in each blog entry.
  • Finally, there is the corporate blog hosted on a company’s website – anyone visiting a corporate blog knows it will be advocating the company and – to an extent – knocking the competition. To a degree, I have no problem with this as long as it’s accurate because when the company name is part of the URL you know what you are going to get.

These are the standards I am attempting to adhere to here. If I slip, please let me know. When it comes to talking about competitive vendors it’s my intention only to mention them either in a positive light or to correct inaccuracies and FUD that they may be spreading – not for my employer’s sake but for anyone trying to learn how this technology works. And besides, there is nothing less appealing to a (potential) customer than the noise made by rival vendors arguing…

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