Advanced Database Configuration and Performance Assessments


Advanced Database Configuration and Performance Assessments from flashdba provide an in-depth expert review of your Oracle database’s entire configuration, resulting in a customer-facing report and optional onsite presentation, discussing the following:

  • Overview of database performance
  • Overview of storage performance
  • User and System I/O Latencies
  • Demand for Throughput and IOPS over time
  • CPU Usage and Average Active Sessions
  • Review of database storage layout
  • Review of ASM or filesystem configuration
  • Review of database initialisation parameters
  • Advice and guidance on existing infrastructure
  • Suggestions for future infrastructure investment (if applicable)
  • Analysis of database server configuration and operating system parameters
  • Review of database patchset and patch levels
  • Recommendations for additional patches

All work will be carried out by me personally. To recap, I have been working with Oracle databases for 18 years, having started in 1997 as a developer and designer. I worked variously as a database architect, development DBA and production DBA before joining Oracle Corporation UK in 2008 as a database and RAC subject matter expert. In recent years I have been working in a technical presales role as a database specialist within the rapidly-expanding flash storage industry. I’m also proud to have achieved Oracle Certified Master status for both 10g and 11g.

AnAdvanced Database Configuration and Performance Assessment requires 5 days plus an optional 6th day if an onsite presentation of findings is required. Further services, such as migration planning and storage infrastructure advice, are available on request.

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