AWR Generator


As part of my role at Violin I spend a lot of time profiling customer’s databases to see how their performance varies over time. The easiest way to do this (since I often don’t have remote access) is to ask for lots of AWR reports. One single report covering a large span of time is useless, because all peaks and troughs are averaged out into a meaningless hum of noise, so I always ask for one report per snapshot period (usually an hour) covering many hours or days. And I always ask for text instead of HTML because then I can process them automatically.

That’s all well and good, but generating a hundred AWR reports is a laborious and mind-numbingly dull task. So to make things easier I’ve written a SQL script to do it. I know there are many other scripts out there to do this, but none of them met the criteria I needed – mainly that they were SQL not shell (for portability) and that they didn’t create temporary objects (such as directories).

If it is of use to anyone then I offer it up here:

Likewise if you manage to break it, please let me know! Thanks to Paul for confirming that it works on RAC and Windows systems (you know you love testing my SQL…)


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