Storage for DBAs


This page contains an index to an extended blog series I have been writing called Storage for DBAs. As a long-time database guy entering the murky world of storage, I found three were a lot of lessons to learn and myths to debunk.

It’s not a great name for a blog series because it’s not just aimed at DBAs but also architects, developers, administrators of any kind, managers, buyers and anyone with an interested in modern storage. However, in these Twitter-friendly times, the name Storage For Architects, Developers, Administrators of Any Kind, Managers, Buyers and Anyone with an Interest in Modern Storage didn’t seem very catchy.



Storage Fundamentals:

Performance: It’s All About Balance

The Fundamental Characteristics of Storage

Understanding I/O: Random vs Sequential (The Sushi Effect!)

Does My Database Need Flash?

The Most Important Thing You Need To Know About Flash

Storage Myths:

Storage Myths: IOPS Matter

Storage Myths: Put Oracle Redo on SSD

Storage Myths: Dedupe for Databases

Storage Myths: Storage Compression Has No Downside

Playing The Data Reduction Lottery

Database Economics:

The Real Cost of Enterprise Database Software

The Real Cost of Oracle RAC

The Most Expensive CPUs You Own

Understanding Disk:

Understanding Disk: Superpowers

Understanding Disk: Mechanical Limitations

Understanding Disk: Over-Provisioning

Understanding Disk: Caching and Tiering

Understanding Flash:

Understanding Flash: What Is NAND Flash?

Understanding Flash: Blocks, Pages and Program / Erases

Understanding Flash: SLC, MLC and TLC

Understanding Flash: What is 3D NAND?

Understanding Flash: The Flash Translation Layer

Understanding Flash: Garbage Collection Matters

Understanding Flash: The Write Cliff

Understanding Flash: Unpredictable Write Performance

Understanding Flash: Floating Gates and Wear

Understanding Flash: Fabrication, Shrinkage and the Next Big Thing

Understanding Flash: Summary – NAND Flash Is A Royal Pain In The …

All Flash Arrays:

All Flash Arrays: What Is An AFA?

All Flash Arrays: Can’t I Just Stick Some SSDs In My Disk Array?

All Flash Arrays: Where’s My Capacity? Effective, Usable and Raw Explained

All Flash Arrays: SSD-based versus Ground-Up Design

All Flash Arrays: Hybrid Means Compromise

All Flash Arrays: Controllers Are The New Bottleneck

<more coming soon>

5 Responses to Storage for DBAs

  1. Have opened this page many times but could never manage to read the posts. Finally started reading today.

    Great stuff.

    Thank you !

  2. Raviteja Chilakamarthi says:

    Amazing wealth of information.

  3. Pingback: SQL Performance, Part II — Disk I/O: metrics and scales | Oracle Diagnostician

  4. Aa ab says:

    Thanks for the articles. You explain an complicated topic with so much simplicity. I learned a lot.

  5. István says:

    Thank you so much for these articles, they helped me a lot. I just started to digging into data recovery.

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