A New Approach To My Blogroll

Like most people, I have a panel on the right hand side of my blog which contains my blogroll, i.e. a list of links to the blogs of other people I respect and admire. And like most people in the Oracle world, up until today it was full of the same names you always see. To pick three examples:

Tanel Poder – One of the most interesting and entertaining Oracle experts around, someone you should definitely see present (and drink beer with)

Jonathan Lewis – Another legendary Oracle guru who literally wrote the book on the subject. If you haven’t read this, you should.

Cary Millsap – One of my favourites, whose articles are always more than just interesting – they are thought-provoking.

So why are these names no longer on my list? It’s not due to a lack of respect on my part, since I admire these guys enormously. It’s just because, well… everyone knows them already. What’s the point of linking to people when everyone already knows them, follows them, reads their stuff and learns from them every day?

So from today, I’m going to adopt a new approach to my blogroll, which is to limit it to just three groups of links:

  • Violin Memory-related links, such as the corporate website and the blogs of my colleagues
  • Storage-industry-related blogs from competitors of Violin who I admire and respect
  • The blogs of less-well-known members of the Oracle community that I think are just as admirable and useful as the legends I mentioned above

If you are one of the names in the last list, please don’t take the phrase “less-well-known” as an insult! Everyone is less-well-known than Tanel, after all. And if you aren’t on the list, well – now you don’t need to feel aggrieved, because it obviously means you are just too popular to make the grade!



3 Responses to A New Approach To My Blogroll

  1. Bart Sjerps says:

    Thanks for the mention and keep up the good work! And interesting to see that we have a good Dutch presence on your blogroll 🙂

  2. Hi,
    I recommend: “https://asmsupportguy.blogspot.com” from Bane Radulovic, Oracle employee.

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