Paris Oracle Meetup (Jeudi 26 Mars 2015 @ 7pm)

A quick post to say that this week, on Thursday 26th, I will be giving a talk (in English!) on the subject of Flash for DBAs (and architects, designers, developers, managers etc) at the Paris Oracle Meetup:

global_197134042Flash for DBAs: A new technology is sweeping the world of storage. Flash, a type of non-volatile memory, is gradually replacing hard disk drives. It began in consumer electronic devices such as phones, cameras and tablets – then it moved into laptops in the form of SSDs. And now the last fortress of hard drives us under attack: the data centre. Find out what flash memory is, what it means for your Oracle databases and how to use it to give you performance that was never possible in the old days of disk…

If you are in the Paris area please do feel free to register here:


3 Responses to Paris Oracle Meetup (Jeudi 26 Mars 2015 @ 7pm)

  1. Olivier JOLY says:

    Reblogged this on Oracle en Français and commented:
    Ca sera cete en Anglais, mais ça mérite le détour.

  2. obernhard says:

    Chris, thank you again for this brilliant presentation. Very educational and technical. Could not expect a better stuff. That was a pleasure to meet you and hopefully we’ll do that again !

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