Install Cookbooks

cookbookAs I build database systems to use All Flash Arrays on various flavours of Linux and the Oracle software, I’m documenting each installation process to form a series of Install Cookbooks.

Current Cookbooks based on Kaminario K2 storage

These cookbooks are for Oracle databases built on Kaminario K2 all flash arrays. However, since 95% of the process is the same no matter what storage you use, I publish them in the hope they will help anybody struggling with the process of installing Oracle.

Old Cookbooks from my Violin Memory days

These cookbooks are from the time when I worked for Violin Memory. Because Violin used a 4k physical blocksize, they contain a certain amount of additional complexity – Oracle really isn’t that great at supporting 4k.

First of all, this cookbook allows for a simple installation of Oracle on Violin using a 512 byte sector size. The only additional part is then to recreate the database online redo logs as having a 4k blocksize.

The following cookbooks involve configuring ASM to have a 4k sector size. I used to do this for testing purposes, but there’s no real reason you need to do this. Make sure you read and understand this post before deciding to follow any of these guides.

These cookbooks detail the process of configuring the OS, the multipathing software and Oracle Grid Infrastructure. The subsequent installation of the Oracle Database is documented here:

Other Guides

In addition I have a guide for configuring the multipath and UDEV settings when using Violin with Oracle VM:

There is also one for configuring Oracle within a OVM virtual machine using Violin:

This one is a fairly routine installation of Grid Infrastructure (used in a different post to test ASMFD)

I have also posted an article on how to use the Oracle Preinstall RPM when using the Red Hat Network:

A friend of mine (AKS) once said that there’s a difference between blogging and just cut and pasting the output of your PuTTy session. Wise words 🙂


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