Database Virtualization

This page serves as an entry point for articles I have written about the subject of Database Virtualization.

Initially, I wrote a couple of blog articles on the subject:

Part 1 – It’s Happening Right Now

Part 2 – Flash Makes The Difference

The latter article explains how flash memory is the perfect (in fact, the only) storage medium for virtualization, since it not only provides protection from the inherent I/O challenges but also allows for a greater density of virtual machines to physical servers.

I also wrote an article about how I thought that database virtualisation meant The End Of Oracle RAC, because it offers the same scalability and high availability opportunities but with less complexity and more agility.

The original two articles came out of a separate blog series I wrote on the theme of Database Consolidation, which is a very relevant subject (since a shared goal is to achieve this greater density). In my opinion, consolidation has been a big trend for a long time now, but virtualization is the next big one… and as far as I am concerned it’s here right now.

Where’s the evidence? It’s here right in front of you:

Look at Delphix software and think about how this could change the way you run your business. Increasing the productivity of your development organisation, whilst saving on storage costs… at the same time… seriously? (Note I have no affiliation with Delphix, I’m just a fan.)

Software like Confio Ignite allows you to monitor the performance of your databases both within and outside of the virtualization layer. (Note I’ve never used it… but I know a man who has.)

Big players like EMC are releasing software like vFabric Data Director 2.0 which allows you to reap the manageability benefits of virtualizing Oracle databases.

Oracle itself has (pre-)announced an intention to bring virtualization to Oracle Exadata.

And now Oracle, along with everyone else, is focussed on DataBase-as-a-Service

It’s happening right now, so be prepared!


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  1. Mike says:

    You might be interested in this article, it is loaded with information about database virtualization.

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